All about DNA BOXS

The DNA BOXS is a genetic metabolic analysis that determines the Meta-type and its effects in those seeking advice. As a DNA BOXS consultant, determination of the Meta-types enables you to offer innovative nutrition and training advice.

DNA BOXS distinguishes four Meta-types: Alpha (α), Beta (ß),Gamma (γ) and Delta (δ). In principle, each one of these Meta-types processesthe macronutrients in food differently.

DNA BOXS assigns each Meta-type one of the two exercise variants, namely E for “Endurance” or     S for “Speed “. According to DNA BOXS, these exercise variants can result in different calorie consumption rates depending on the type of activity.

Shipping Method

For local orders, we deliver the DNA BOXS KIT in 1-2 Business days. (Business days exclude public holidays and Fridays)

For international order, we provide 5-7 business days of delivery time

You can get in touch with us after you’ve done the swab procedure then we can book a collection and our courier service will pick-up the samples the next day of the booking.

You can email us at info@dnaboxs.com or call us at our hotline +971 4 582 0076

Sample processing typically takes 14 business days from the time your sample is received at the lab. Processing times are estimates, as some samples may require multiple processing runs for reasons such as the quality and quantity of DNA available for analysis which may extend processing time.